Rowena Public School

Respect For All


All items of student clothing are to be clearly labelled with each child’s name. This is vitally important during swimming in Terms 1 and 4. Any clothing that has no label will be sent to the classrooms for identification.  If unclaimed the clothing will be then put into the clothing pool until claimed or sold. A limited clothing pool is available at the school. Enquiries can be made at the office. Rowena Public School colours are white and green. The girls uniforms can be purchased from:

Orana School Uniforms, 219 Macquarie St, Dubbo  02 6882 9425.



  1. Green and White Gingham A-line dress with Peter Pan collar and cap sleeves

  2. Green socks

  3. Black Shoes / Running Shoes *


  1. Grey Shirt

  2. Grey Shorts

  3. Grey Socks

  4. Black Shoes / Running Shoes *

Children are required to have a hat as part of their Summer and Winter uniform. The school community strongly supports a “No hat, no play” rule.

*It was decided at a Progress meeting in 2008 that a common sense approach be made to children’s footwear due to the high activity of all the children.



  1. Green Tartan Tunic

  2. White Shirt

  3. Green Jumper

  4. Green socks / stockings

  5. Black Shoes / Running Shoes *


  1. Long Sleeve Grey Shirt

  2. Green Tartan Tie

  3. Long Grey Pants

  4. Green Jumper

  5. Grey Socks

  6. Black Shoes / Running Shoes *

Sports (Friday)

Boys and Girls

  1. White and Green RPS Polo Shirt

  2. Green Rugby Knit Shorts

  3. Green Track Suit

  4. Green Socks

  5. Joggers (Preferably White)