Rowena Public School

Respect For All

School Procedures

Arrivals and departures

Please inform teachers by note or telephone if you plan to take your child or children from school during school hours.  A note or call is also necessary when there are any changes to a child’s normal routine regarding arrival and departure from school.  This is a legal requirement of the NSW Department of School Education to ensure student safety.


A morning assembly is held each day commencing at 9.15am. Brief messages may be given at this time.

Evacuation - Lockdown Procedures

To conform with Departmental requirements and for general safety reasons, the school has a set evacuation / lockdown procedure designed to provide for the kinds of emergencies we hope never arise - earthquake, fire etc.

Parents are advised that regular practice will occur to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Family Information/Details

Contact details and medical information is provided to the school upon enrolment. It is imperative that this information is regularly updated so that parents and guardians can be contacted when necessary. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school of any changes or special requirements/conditions that the child experiences or requires.

Playground Supervision

Supervision of students commences at 8.45am each school day and concludes when students board the school buses at 3.15pm.  If students remain on school premises for any reason after classes have been dismissed, they are to wait quietly for their parents on the verandah between the office and Library doors.

Presentation Night

Presentation night is held each year in December. This is night to highlight the achievement of the students. Prizes and awards are presented on the night, along with a student performance.

Payments to school

Throughout the year money may be collected for different events eg excursions, performances etc.  Please send the correct amount together with the permission slip in an envelope marked with your child’s/children’s name/s and payment details.  If you experience financial difficulties in meeting these costs, please contact the principal for assistance.

School Bus

The school has two bus routes, one which transports students from the Western area and another bus which transports students along the Eastern route. Please contact the school for application forms.  A blue form needs to be completed to enable students to travel on the school bus.    There is also a Private Vehicle Conveyance (pink form) subsidy available where travel exceeds 1.6 kilometres (radial distance) from the bus stop to home.

Contact details:

East:        Jenni Brummell        02 6796 5365 or 0427 965364

West:        Rebecca Cook            02 6796 5369 or 0437 965369

School Development Days

Five school development days are held during each year.  These pupil free days are organised for teachers and community members to meet and investigate some aspect of the school curriculum or organisation.  They usually take place on the first day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and the last 2 days of Term 4.

School Photographs

School Photographs are arranged each year and families are given the opportunity to purchase school, individual and sibling photographs. The timing of school photos varies from year to year according to the schedules of both the school and the photographic company.

School Newsletter

The newsletter is usually sent home with the eldest child in each family every Thursday of the school term. The school newsletter promotes activities and student achievements and provides general information to the Rowena community. Copies of the newsletters are kept in the administration building should you require any additional copies.  Copies of each newsletter can be downloaded from the school website – usually after 3.15pm each Friday.


The local Anglican and Catholic Parish provide religious instruction each Wednesday. These lessons are provided on a non-denominational basis during class time.  Parents nominate whether or not they wish their children to be included in these lessons upon enrolment.

Local Contacts

Rowena Public School -  02 6796 5145

Rowena Pre-school - 02 6796 5396

Post Office/Store - 02 6796 5223

Village Inn - 02 6796 5341

Fuel/Nev Holland - 02 6796 5135 or 0429 965135

Rowena Rural Bushfire Service - 02 6796 5118- Brian Shearer

                                                     02 6796 5229- Jeff Cameron


The transporting of students in the cars of staff members, parents, caregivers or volunteers should only occur in those circumstances where there is no feasible option available to provide alternative transportation. This may only occur under the following conditions:

Written permission from the parent(s) or caregiver(s) of the student(s) being transported is obtained

The driver is licensed

The vehicle is registered

The number of passengers in the vehicle does not exceed the number of seatbelts

Current driver’s licence and car registration details are sighted by the school prior to giving permission for students to be transported in the vehicle.

All parents, caregivers or volunteers who transport students in cars must complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration prior to the event.