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What Is ICPA?

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association is a voluntary organisation for parents who live in rural areas and whose children:

  1. Attend a small rural pre-school

  2. Attend a rural primary or high school

  3. Attend Country Area Programme (CAP) activities

  4. Study by Distance Education Lessons

  5. Travel to school by bus or private vehicle (daily, weekly or at the end of term)

  6. Board away from home at a boarding school, hostel,  private board or maintain a second home to access High School or Tertiary studies including TAFE Colleges

  7. Attend a tertiary institution - University or TAFE

ICPA has 40 years of history. In the early years, parents usually joined when their child went to boarding school. Today, so many of the issues that ICPA deals with occur in the years before and after high school.

How Does ICPA Work?

ICPA supports both government and non-government systems of education.

ICPA seeks to achieve equality of access to educational opportunities for geographically isolated students living in rural and remote areas by way of government funded allowances to compensate for the costs incurred in gaining access to an appropriate educational facility. The recent increases in the AIC allowances were gained through persistent lobbying by State and Federal Councils. Most issues that affect the provision and delivery of education to rural students are dealt with by State or Federal Councils of ICPA.

What Will I Be Entitled To If I Join ICPA?

Membership entitles you to free copies of the NSW quarterly newsletter “The Top Wire” and the national magazine “Pedals”. Details of scholarships, allowances and information that affect your child’s education are found in the Top Wire. When you join you will be kept informed on the activities of ICPA and the education providers, as well as Government decisions. State Council members are all volunteers, but are happy to give advice on individual problems. They receive no remuneration for their time, but are happy to help you access an education for your child regardless of where you live. Next year’s State Conference will be held in Cooma and Burren Branch will be hoping to send delegates and observers.

Dear Parents,

Do you have a child aged between 3 and 23?

Burren Branch of ICPA was once the 3rd largest branch in NSW. For various reasons, we are now one of the smaller branches. I have been a member since the 1990s and have recently stepped down as State President, although I am still a member of State Council. I have decided to appeal to parents in our area to join ICPA and discover what an incredibly helpful and successful group ICPA is. Some of the issues that ICPA has been involved in recently include:

  1. Lobbying to increase SAS/SAM hours in small schools

  2. Lobbying for and successfully changing Youth Allowance qualifications

  3. Contributing to the Brennan Enquiry into funding for pre-school education

  4. ICPA is a member of the School Bus Safety Community Advisory Committee

  5. ICPA is a member of the CAP State Advisory Committee

  6. State Council is currently working with the NSW Government on PVC payments, agricultural education, especially for girls, “Local Schools Local Decisions”, seatbelts on school buses. ICPA is also working with the Federal Government on the AIC allowance, tertiary access, communications and vocational training

Burren Junction Branch covers an area and has members from the following localities: Baan Baa, Bellata, Edgeroi, Narrabri, Wee Waa, Merah North, Burren Junction, Pilliga, Rowena and Cryon. Our neighbouring branches include Walgett, Collarenebri/Mungindi, Bullarah, Warrumbungle and Moree.

Please consider becoming a member. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about ICPA.  Your membership assists NSW and Federal Councils to lobby Government for you and your children.


David Cameron

Burren Branch Member ICPA

Immediate Past President of ICPA-NSW

02 67965166

0427 005 040