Rowena Public School

Respect For All


Students are sometimes given the opportunity to participate in local, minor and major excursions to enrich their educational experience. These excursions may form part of a whole school, class or small group activity.

A blanket permission note at the beginning of the year is issued to cover local excursions which require students leaving the school grounds.  This may entail a historical walk of the village or a visit to the hall or town oval for weekly sport, special events etc.

Information regarding all excursions will be sent home prior to the event. Permission notes must be signed by guardians and returned to school prior to the excursion date. Students who have not returned a permission note are by law, unable to attend.

The success of school excursions rely on the enthusiasm and dedication of staff and parent volunteers.  As a gesture of good will, these people leave their families and work many hours outside the normal school day.  It is a huge responsibility and one that is not taken lightly.  Your cooperation and support of staff and volunteers for these events is most appreciated.

Current Excursion Policy