Rowena Public School

Respect For All


The K-6 curriculum aims to develop in students:

  1. 1.Basic skills,

  2. 2.Respect for learning;

  3. 3.A positive attitude for lifelong learning.

The skills include:

  1. 1.English literacy including Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing

  2. 2.Mathematical skills including Number, Space, Measurement and Problem solving, Information Processing and Computing

  3. 3.Scientific and communication.

The NSW curriculum includes six Key Learning Areas (K-6):

  1. 1.English

  2. 2.Mathematics

  3. 3.Science and Technology

  4. 4.Human Societies and Its Environment;

  5. 5.Creative and Arts

  6. 6.Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

NAPLAN tests

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy Tests are conducted in primary school to test aspects of literacy and numeracy.  The tests are held in Term 2, Week 3, for students in Years 3 and 5.  Parents receive a personal report in Term 3.

Reporting and Assessment

At the end of Terms Two and Four, parents will be provided with a written report outlining their student(s) progress.  Interviews will be scheduled at the end of Term 2.  Parents are able to make appointments to speak with their child’s teacher at any time.  Please contact the office or teacher in person to make a time suitable to both parties.


Library lessons are held once a week. Students are requested to have a durable bag in which to take their borrowed Library books home.


There are two sporting houses:  Myall (red/black) and Coolabah (blue/white) into which students will be allocated as they are enrolled in the school.

Sport is held every Friday and students wear their sports uniform to school. During the Summer terms (Term 1 and 4), the students participate in a swimming program. During the Winter terms (Term 2 and 3) the students are involved in skill development. The school holds an annual swimming carnival (usually in term 1) and athletics carnival (usually in Term 3).

Students are also involved in PSSA (Primary School Sports Association) events for swimming, cross-country and athletics as well as the Tri Sports Athletics Carnivals (with Mallawa and Bullarah Public Schools) and the Five Ways Athletic Carnivals (with Burren Junction, Pilliga, Gwabegar and Baradine). A fitness program also runs throughout the year.


Encourage your child to use the NSW Foundation Style formation of the letters when writing his or her name.  Only use a capital letter to begin your child’s name.