Rowena Public School

Respect For All

Commendation System

Rowena Public School has adopted a Commendation System to promote a positive learning environment and recognise students who are choosing self-responsibility. When students choose responsible behaviour, both in their interactions with other members of the school community and their attitude and approach to the completion of schoolwork, such efforts will be noticed and appreciated. Areas recognised may include:

  1. Academic achievement and effort.

  2. Improvement and participation.

  3. Regular completion of homework.

  4. Participation in special events.

  5. Good citizenship, fair play and sportsmanship.

  6. Demonstration of a positive attitude and approach.

  7. Concern for the rights and welfare of others at school.

Teachers award Commendations to students as an immediate recognition of responsible behaviour, positive contribution or attitude. The teacher will write the student’s name, class and date on the commendation.  The teacher will also sign the commendations. Any teacher may award commendations at various times during different school activities to any students from any class. A few specific examples are:

  1. Special effort in class or in Reading, Maths or other group situation.

  2. Exemplary behaviour in the playground.

  3. Participation and/or success in a performance or assembly item.

  4. Helping a teacher, student or parent without being asked.

Students collect the commendations to earn higher awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These higher awards may be presented at assemblies so that student achievement can be recognised by whole school community.

10 Commendation Cards are needed for a Bronze Award.

15 more Commendation Cards are needed for a Silver Award (25 in total).

20 more Commendation Cards are needed for a Gold Award (45 in total).

Commendations and subsequent awards can be continued from one year to another.  It may take more than one year for students to earn a Gold award.