Rowena Public School

Respect For All

Bullying Policy

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(For school procedures and lesson plans – refer to 2010 manual)

Student’s Notes and Approach to Bullying

At Rowena Public School we have an expectation that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

We will not tolerate bullying.

We can do something about it.

At Rowena Public School we have an expectation that everyone will be treated with respect.


Everyone should feel safe and valued at Rowena Public School.


It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.

Our school bases its community on the 4C’s

  1. Bullet courtesy

  2. Bullet consideration and

  3. Bullet cooperation

  4. Bullet Christian attitude

We consider that these values are important for us to have a caring community. Any form of behaviour that goes against these values is totally against our school rules and in some cases may contravene State laws. When we feel angry, embarrassed, frightened, humiliated or uncomfortable as a result of someone’s deliberately hurtful actions or words, it affects our self confidence, if it persists we find it hard to concentrate on our work, to enjoy going to school and to keep good relationships with others.

It Is Important to Stop Bullying

In schools, bullying occurs when:

  1. BulletA student bullies another student

  2. BulletAn adult bullies a student

  3. BulletA student bullies an adult

  4. BulletAn adult bullies another adult

Caring People Do Something

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is the willful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten, intimidate or embarrass someone.

When a person:

  1. Bulletis hit, punched, jostled or pushed around

  2. Bulletis called hurtful, abusive or offensive names

  3. Bulletis threatened

  4. Bulletis sexually harassed

  5. Bulletis a victim of abusive or obscene language

  6. Bulletis ridiculed about their appearance or abilities

  7. Bulletis teased repeatedly in a nasty manner

  8. Bulletis singled out for unfair treatment

  9. Bullethas rumours spread about them

  10. Bullethas repeated offensive gestures made to them

  11. Bullethas graffiti written about them

  12. Bulletis deliberately excluded

  13. Bulletcyber bullying

Then He or She Is Being Bullied!

Say “No” to Bullying

Everyone Has Rights

  1. BulletYou have the right to feel safe and comfortable at school

  2. BulletIt is your right to travel to and from school feeling safe

  3. BulletIt is your right to learn and no-one has the right to stop others from learning.

You Can’t Sit on the Fence!

If you are not being bullied, but you are aware of others who are..... You can do something about it if you really care and want to help protect others.

You Can Control What Happens

Don’t retaliate either physically or verbally. Simply knowing that you can do something about it makes a difference.

So What Can You Do?

1. The most important thing to remember is that if you or someone else is being bullied, Tell Someone – this is Reporting Abuse, not dobbing.

  1. BulletIgnore it. Show that it doesn’t upset you. The bully is then not encouraged and may stop.

  2. BulletConfront the person bullying you. Tell them that the actions are unwanted or illegal. Remind them that the school has a policy against bullying.

  3. BulletTalk it over openly with your friends, parents or colleagues. They can help you make a decision.

  4. BulletTalk it over with an older student – a School Leader, or an older brother or sister.

2. Report the matter to a class teacher, parent or any member of the School Administration. It is important that you allow them to take action to stop the bullying.

Bullying Will Not Be Tolerated at Rowena Public School


  1. BulletThe school will deal seriously with those who retaliate against a person for reporting bullying.

  2. BulletAll incidents will be dealt with.

  3. BulletConsequences for bullying will include counseling and consultation with home and may result in suspensions.

We Will Not Tolerate Bullying at Rowena Public School


It is right for you to tell someone if you are being bullied or if your friends are.

Everyone has the right to feel safe, all the time.

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